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Sampling and demonstration provides potential customers with a feel for your products and services before they actually buy them. Undoubtedly, demonstrations provide a great opportunity to increase sales and generate valuable leads. At Canada Prime Marketing, we plan and execute sampling and demonstration that will help you showcase your products to thousands of prospective customers.

Wondering what a properly executed demo or product sampling can do your business? From creating brand awareness and lead generation to consumer insight, a perfectly executed demo can provide your business with numerous benefits. It’s time to show the world what your products and services are all about. Our demonstration experts will do their very best to learn and understand your products inside out.

In-store demonstrations are typically performed at discount stores, retail locations, shopping malls, and supermarkets. Whether you want to promote food and beverages or personal care items or services, we have brilliant ideas and resources to execute them. Let us find you customers that are likely to buy your products. Contact us today to discuss your next project!

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