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It all started when Canada Prime Marketing’s management team felt stuck in a rat race with the corporate marketing world. We decided to take a risk by jumping off the edge with both feet and started creating something different. Initially, we started off as a design and marketing agency, we have now narrowed our focus down to becoming an event marketing and a one-on-one sales agency. Presently, we are focused on activating and growing the customer interaction element of our clients'. We create and design in-house programs through the expertise of our creative and technical committee in combination with our excellent resources in digital design to support both business activities.

We have rapidly developed solid relationships with some of the best-emerging telecommunication brands and we have built up a client base that now includes a list of major household brand names both locally and internationally.

With a strong management team, each with their own unique specialties, as well as our talented technical and design support, our ‘Creative Media’ team is carving out their own niche, not only in the local market but also further afield.

Whether for a small printed piece or a large integrated campaign, this is the "big idea" that ties the messaging together. Innovative, engaging and at times unexpected, his is the process we strive for.

Our Commitment To You

Begin with the END in mind

Your objective is sketched in every single thing we do. We orchestrate each fine detail to achieve an end-result that is both commercially successful for you and increases your effectiveness as a leader.

Work with YOU every step of the way

We approach our client relationships as partnerships. Rest assured that you are backed with the expertise and resources that you require for the project at hand.

Bring potential TO realization

We uncover hidden potential, both internally and externally, right from the initial meeting. We achieve this by blending creative thinking with commercial and cultural realism.

Set our imagination on over-DRIVE

We live in a world of experiential marketing. If being powerfully exceptional is your cup of tea and you want to leave your legacy beyond the event, then we would like to share our world with you and your audience.

And lastly, share the fun with you

We want you to have fun in the process. We will take on the stress, headaches and sleepless nights. All you have to do is, well, enjoy the show. After all, we want you to have fun, a lot of fun.

Our Uniquely Trained Team!

CPM's intricate training program for our team is designed to ensure that your targeted message is delivered to your target market and that all of your goals are achieved.


Our unique approach ensures that your clients are educated on your products or services. This focused approach will guarantee that each and every consumer we engage with is approached with superb customer service in mind.

Canada Prime Marketing team players are trained to tailor their communication to the customer in front of them and not to overwhelm them with a sales approach or sales speech. Our model of training is based on the world’s renowned sales trainer Tom Hopkins, who is the author of the national best seller "How to Master the Art of Selling".

This provides our clients with optimal return on their investment by increasing the volume and the quality of the acquisition without compromising integrity.

Nothing can substitute the experience of being a part of an event whether you are the host or amongst the spectators. In our hyper connected and hyper transparent world, how we build and maintain relationships is now more important than it has ever been. Staying in touch and networking through media puts us in contact with just about anyone across the globe, but it falls short on building long-term relationships based on trust and loyalty. Therefore, face to face engagement through specialized events are still the biggest winner by bringing people and ideas together in a single platform. Now that's an ultimate experience you can't pass up!

Let's make something great together

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